13 Freaky Halloween Movies for Families

Casper, Casper Meets Wendy

casper movie poster

Rated: PG, G Year: 1995, 1999 Cast: Bill Pullman, Christina Ricci, Hilary Duff, Cathy Moriarty

Ghost for tweens: Ghost meets girl, ghost saves girl. Can ghosts and girls, or ghosts and witches, really be friends, or (gulp) more? In the first film, Ricci is the daughter of a paranormal psychiatrist who makes house calls to the mansion where Casper and his uncles haunt. In the second, Duff is a fledgling witch, who must flee to a Catskills resort with her three aunts to escape a warlock.

What Parents Like: Parents may cringe at the filmy dialogue until they see their preteen staring dreamily at the screen. Ghosts really do get the best girls, especially with Ricci and Duff along for the ride.

What Kids Like: It's an otherworldly little romance with special effects and screwball relatives.

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