10 Family Movies for Summer

The Parent Trap

The Parent Trap Movie

Rated: PG

Year: 1998 vs. 1961

Cast: Lindsay Lohan, Dennis Quaid, Natasha Richardson

Two heads are better than one: Far-flung identical twins discover each other's identity at summer camp. In this remake of the 1961 Hayley Mills hit classic, the girls first size each other up as foes before becoming beloved sisters and crafty co-conspirators. Together they achieve the family they've always wanted.

What Parents Like: Second chances and the idea that love can be discovered -- and rekindled! -- on a cruise. Digs in a sun-drenched mansion in a Napa Valley vineyard and a swanky London townhouse don't hurt either.

What Kids Like: Kids are the big schemers and dreamers here. Not only do they invent outlandish pranks at summer camp, but their shenanigans send a conniving wannabe stepmom packing.

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