10 Classic Animal Movies

Stuart Little

Stuart Little

Rated: PG

Year: 1999

Cast: Jonathan Lipnicki, Geena Davis, voices of Michael J. Fox and Nathan Lane

The World According to White: Another E.B. White tale finds itself on the screen. Stuart is a mouse who is adopted by the Littles, a New York City family. The second son adapts to life inside their brownstone -- and outside it. His adventures include getting tossed in the washing machine and getting lost in Central Park.

What Parents Like: M. Night Shyamalan (The Sixth Sense) cowrote the screenplay. Nathan Lane is catty purr-fection as the villainous white Chinchilla, Snowball.

What Kids Like: Stuart's miniature world is a metaphor for how children can feel in grown-up surroundings and how ordinary objects (a toy convertible, a remote-control boat) can become transformed into glorious vessels of power.

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