10 Animated Classic Movies

Shrek I and II

Shrek The Movie

Rated: PG

Year: 2001, 2004

Cast: Voices of Cameron Diaz, Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy

That'll do! There's nothing accidental about the way this spunky and modern fairytale turns the notion of fairy-tale princesses and happily ever after on its head. Don't believe in falling in love with an ogre, or that inner beauty can triumph over outer beauty? With love, all things are possible.

What Parents Like: Prince Charming is a vain and foppish bore, and not a very reliable rescuer -- further proof that what's inside your heart matters more than how you look.

What Kids Like: There's a lot of burping, farting humor, the kind that makes kids giggle. Murphy is a gas as the sidekick, Donkey, who bluntly blurts out all his thoughts and feelings.

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