10 Animated Classic Movies

Whether the following animated tales boast hand-drawn sketches or computer-generated images, they all push forward the art of storytelling for viewers young and old.

A Bug's Life

A Bugs Life Movie

Rated: G

Year: 1998

Cast: Voices of Dave Foley, Kevin Spacey, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Denis Leary

Flik is the lone dreamer who sets out to rescue his colony from servitude. He recruits mercenaries for the task of liberation: bold performers from a traveling flea circus. The animation is so minutely miraculous, we could forgive the animators for making villains out of grasshoppers and revealing that the ladybug is, in fact, a man.

What Parents Like: There turns out to be more than a flicker of bravery in Flik, who stands up to his bullies by using his noggin.

What Kids Like: The small details and luminous pastel colors will leave youngsters bug-eyed with joy.

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