Safety (on the) 'Net

Online Rules Every Kid Should Follow

Even the most compliant kid will balk when you bust out a big list of stuff she can't do. To get her on board, ask why she thinks each of these rules is important, and talk about why they keep her safe. Then write them down together and put them up near the computer.

  • Never share your personal information (like name, age, or location).
  • Never share your password.
  • Don't download games or programs, even if they're free, without getting Mom's or Dad's permission first.
  • Never click on e-mails from anyone you don't know.
  • Don't click on anything that pops up in another window -- even if it looks like a free game or a trip to Disney.
  • Always be polite and think before you type.
  • Never chat with someone who isn't your friend in real life.

Copyright © 2008. Used with permission from the February 2008 issue of Parents magazine.

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