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Episode 9: All About the Dads

smiling dad playing chess with son

Dads are way more hands-on these days, and more and more guys are staying at home with the kids instead of Mom. So what's different for families when Dad is the primary caregiver? How do the dads feel about being the lone guy at the playground? We go behind-the-scenes with one family, and then our host, Barrie Gillies, talks with daddy blogger Greg Allen of to explore the family -- and cultural -- dynamics that ensue when Dad stays home. Plus, Parents Creative Director Jeffrey Saks shares his secrets on how to stay involved as a working parent. Finally, what do you do when your daughter has a meltdown before day care -- every day? Barrie and Parents Health & Psychology Editor Diane Debrovner tackle this and other parenting dilemmas when moms call in with questions.


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