Behind the Podcast

Get to know the voices you're listening to. Meet the people - and parents - behind the podcast.

Barrie Gillies is a senior editor at Parents and mom to adorable, 1-year-old Will. This is her first time hosting a podcast and because she's a natural born talker and listener, she wants to podcast all the time.

Judy Goldberg is a senior editor at Parents and mom to Julius and Oliver and Molly the dog. She sits next to Barrie and they talk to each other about kids all day long.

Kathleen Krems is the managing editor at Parents and is a former Candlestick Park Sweetheart (This means she sang the National Anthem before each Giants game).

Sally Lee is the Editor-in-Chief of Parents and mom to Grace and Pearl. She didn't put the lovely accent on just to add class to the podcast. She hails from across the pond (England, that is).

Ari Brown, M.D., is a pediatrician from Austin, TX and the co-author of Baby 411 and Toddler 411, two of our favorite go-to guides for parenting advice.

Curtis Fox is a radio and podcast producer. His work has appeared on All Things Considered, Weekend All Things Considered, On the Media, Studio 360, The Next Big Thing and WNYC News. He's a dad to 2-year-old Nora.

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