Want to know about the latest tech gadgets for kids? Check out our gadget guide before buying your next tech toy or video game. Plus: How much technology is too much for kids? Hear what the pros think.

The Best Educational Apps for Kids

Your child's education doesn't have to stop after school. These games made for your iPhone, iPad, and Android will keep your youngster's mind active outside the classroom.

How to Make a Light Sword

Be a DIY Jedi!

Best iPhone Apps for Babies and Toddlers

Check out these fun and kid-friendly iPhone applications to keep your tot busy and learning on the go.

Best Apps for Preschoolers

There's an overwhelming number of paid apps for kids to choose from, but which ones are worth shelling out for? Here are some fun and educational apps for 3- to 4-year-olds that'll give you the best bang for your buck -- and you won't feel guilty about letting your kid use them.

The Best iPhone Apps for Moms-to-Be

Track your pregnancy, find baby names, get the latest health tips and more with these iPhone applications for expectant moms.

7 Weird iPhone Apps for Moms

There are a lot of helpful apps for new moms and preggos--and then there are these. Guess there truly is an app for everything!

Best Baby Apps

Got restless toddler syndrome? These apps will amuse and educate.

Must-Have Apps for a Healthy Pregnancy

Now that you're pregnant, your health is doubly important -- you're taking care of two now. Keep safety rules straight, find ways to de-stress, choose the right foods to eat, learn safe workouts, and more with our favorite apps for a healthy pregnancy.

Best Apps for Dads-To-Be

From delivery room tips to easy recipes, here are 10 must-have apps for dads-to-be.

The Best iPhone Apps for Parents

Check out 15 of the best iPhone apps for busy parents, from budget and chore trackers to meal-time planners.

Is Technology Good For Little Kids?

Your child is clamoring to get her hands on your cell phone or iPad so she can play games -- or learn her letters. Whether you want to embrace or escape our high-tech world, you can help your kid find the right balance.

70 Best Apps for Families

The Parents team tapped moms, dads, and kids to test tons of apps and find the ones that are most intuitive to use, best priced, and super helpful. These are our favorites to help with everything from staying organized to keeping your kids occupied. They're app-solutely essential!

The Pros and Cons of Toddlers and Computers

Many parents are looking to computers to give their 2-year-olds an edge. Here are the pros and cons of this popular trend.

Attention, Texters! New Emojis Perfect for Pregnancy Are in the Works

Some of the new emojis being considered are perfect for expectant moms.

Managing Your Child's Screen Time

The touch-screen generation is diving into the digital world, so you need to be prepared.

The 10 Best Apps for Kids of 2011

We asked our readers to share the child-friendly apps that enhance their little one's learning experience -- and for the times when they just need a few minutes of peace and quiet.

Photo Sharing Made Simple

Sending digital baby photos to friends and family shouldn't be a hassle. Whether you have time to be creative or you're totally rushed, we'll hook you up with the right sites.

Taking the Perfect Photo

Those enchanting eyes! That crooked grin! Capture your kid's sparkling personality with 9 can't-miss tips from the pros.

6 Tips for Shooting Digital Video

Whether you're taking a home video for fun or to enter our Video Contest, here are some quick tips to get the best shots.

Photographing Your Baby

Take the perfect picture of your little one.

Online Photo Albums

The best Web sites for posting your family pictures online.

Parents Magazine Free Podcast

A radio show you can listen to on your iPod or computer -- whenever you feel like it. Each episode brings you tales from the trenches and expert advice on the biggest issues all parents face.

Taking the Perfect Picture of Your Kid

From the day your child is born, each moment is so precious and fleeting. You want to document every sweet age and stage, from the first time you lay eyes on her to the first day of school. But getting those great photos can be elusive.

2015 FamilyFun Tech Toy Awards

Fair warning: Your kid's wish list is about to get a lot longer.

Your Family Electronics Buyer's Guide!

Tips and tricks for choosing this year's best electronic gifts -- at the best possible prices.

7 Tips to Improve Your Baby Pictures

Here are 7 simple ways you can take better photos of your baby. The memories will last a lifetime!