Making the Most of Toddler Story Time

How to help your toddler use books to learn about language and the world he lives in.

How Does Reading Help My Toddler?

Reading will enlarge your child's speaking vocabulary and help him learn to use language to express thoughts. And at 2 years old, your child is developmentally ready to truly discover the pleasure of books. When he was younger, he liked the colors and shapes of the pictures; he enjoyed hearing the sound of your voice, and he loved the intimacy of snuggling at story time. But now he has the attention span necessary to follow a basic story line. He is also aware of the different characters in a story; he can pick out the details in a scene, and he has a more sophisticated ear for language. Your toddler now uses books to learn more about the world he lives in.

To ensure that you and your toddler get the most out of story time, follow these simple guidelines:

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