Helpful Books for the Single-Parent Family

Recommended reading for parents, kids, and even friends!

Books for Parents

These books can help you and your children handle various aspects of life in a single-parent family.

1. Positive Discipline for Single Parents By Jane Nelsen, Cheryl Erwin, and Carol Delzer Provides strategies for raising children who are responsible, respectful, and resourceful.

2. Sex and the Single Parent By Meg F. Schneider and Martine J. Byer A guide for parents who find themselves back in the dating game.

3. The Single Mother's Survival Guide By Patrice Karst Offers earthy bits of inspiration and quick survival checklists for everything from dealing with exhaustion to being a happy single mom.

4. The Single Parent Resource By Brook Noel with Art Klein Provides strategies for helping single parents get organized, manage a household, balance work and family, create a financial plan, find high-quality child care, and develop a support network.

Books for Kids

1. Do I Have a Daddy? By Jeanne Warren Lindsay A mother sensitively answers her young boy's questions about his father.

2. My Really Cool Baby Book By Todd Parr A colorful, quirky baby book that kids and parents can look at and fill in together. It's designed for use by traditional, nontraditional, and single-parent families.

3. The Best Single Mom in the World By Mary Zisk A little girl and her adoptive mother tell the story of how they became a family.

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