Harry Potter Lingo, Decoded

Use our glossary of Potter terminology to wow kids with your insider's knowledge!

Harry Potter Lingo, Decoded, p.1

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Bernie Bott's Every Flavor Beans: Wizard candy similar to jellybeans. They come in every flavor imaginable, from chocolate and bubblegum to liver and sprouts.

Galleons: These gold coins are the largest denomination of wizard money.

Golden Snitch: The gold Quidditch ball, it's the size of a large walnut, with silver wings that allow it to fly very fast. The team that catches the golden snitch receives 150 points and wins the game.

Gryffindor: The house, or dormitory, at Hogwarts where Harry Potter lives. Its students are known for their bravery. Mascot: a lion.

Gringotts: The wizards' bank that's run by goblins.

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry: The English boarding school where Harry and friends learn to practice magic.

Hogwarts Express: The train that transports Hogwarts students to and from school; it departs from Platform Nine and Three-Quarters at King's Cross Station.

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