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Meredith Vieira

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I loved Eloise, for everything she wasn't. She wasn't pretty, she wasn't the model child-she was a little devil, and I envied her spunk. I grew up in a typical suburban home and wanted to live in the Plaza Hotel. After I brought my daughter Lily home from the hospital, Eloise was the first thing I bought her. She's 7 years old now, and she has all the Eloise books. One Christmas we even took the kids to the Plaza for the weekend.

Marlee Matlin

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I loved The Wizard of Oz growing up and introduced it to my daughter when she was really little. Reading in our house is different than in most: I both sign and read books to Sarah Rose, who's 5. It makes her fall asleep when I "turn off" my voice. It's just like a ballet when I use my hands only. Sometimes I make up stories just between the two of us.

Rosie O'Donnell

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I loved Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret by Judy Blume. My mother died when I was in the fifth grade, so I didn't have a mother to talk to about girl things. I would read that book over and over. I'll probably introduce it to my children: Parker, 5, Chelsea Belle and Mia, both 3, and Blake, 2.

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