Japanese Tea Party Birthday

Origami, bamboo, and paper fans add affordable Far East flair to this classic and dainty party theme.

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Francis Janisch

Japanese Kimono Costume

Upcycle a sheet into a lovely kimono for the birthday girl to wear on her special day. Use a cork and sponge brush to create the floral pattern.

What you'll need:
Twin flat sheet, scissors, pink and brown acrylic paint, wine cork, 1" sponge brush, ribbon

Make it:
1. Fold sheet in half lengthwise. Measure child from shoulder to toe; cut ends of sheet so it's that length. Trim one side so sheet's twice the width of her shoulders.

2. Lay the folded sheet flat on your work surface, and cut a slit up the center of the top layer to the fold.

3. Apply paint to the cork with the brush and make 5 dots in a flower shape on the bottom edge of the right panel of fabric. Repeat the flowers 20 to 25 times up the fold.

4. Lightly dip the tip of the brush into brown paint and dab in between the flowers to create branches. Let dry.

5. Place sheet over child's shoulders and wrap ribbon around her torso.

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Francis Janisch

Sweet Sushi

This faux fish dessert is the perfect fare for an Asian-inspired soir?e. Give each guest a set of pretty chopsticks to practice their skills.

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Francis Janisch

Cherry Blossoms

Create cherry blossoms with tissue paper and sticks.

What you'll need
Tissue paper, scissors, hot-glue gun, branches

Make it
1. Cut 2" squares of tissue.

2. Stack them and gather in the center.

3. Hot-glue to a branch as shown.

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Francis Janisch

Japanese Paper Slippers

Kids will love making paper slippers from brown grocery bags to take home as favors.

What you'll need:
Sturdy brown grocery or lunch bags, pencil, scissors, sequins, glue, ribbon

Make it:
1. Have the kids trace the soles of their shoes onto the backside of a brown grocery bag and cut out.

2. Cut two 1"x6" strips of paper from the bag, and let kids decorate them with sequins, glue, and ribbon, leaving about 1?" on either end blank.

3. After the glue has dried, glue the blank ends of each strip to the bottom sole of each shoe. Let dry.

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Francis Janisch

Easy Origami

Teach the kids fun origami techniques at the party.

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Francis Janisch

Japanese Gift Wrap

Wrap your child's gift in a piece of fabric using furoshiki, the Japanese art of gift wrap.

Originally published in the May 2011 issue of Parents magazine.

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