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Ages 4 and up


Olympic Birthday Cake
Olympic Birthday Cake

If your child's world revolves around sports, this party will score big points. You may even consider contacting your local YMCA, school, or health club. Most rent space for parties and often supply instructors to keep the games in high gear.

Basketball Invites

Cut a 4"x11" rectangle from a piece of red construction paper and fold in half. Carefully score and bend back the flap of the card 1 inch from the fold. Punch two holes in this folded section. Loop twine through the holes, knot, and trim any excess. To decorate the front of the invitation, cut a 2"x1¾" rectangle from a piece of blue construction paper; attach a small photograph of your child; trim blue paper border with scallop-edged scissors and glue matted picture on the front of the card. Using an oversize craft punch, cut out two hearts and affix with glue alongside the photo. Write the invitation details on a 3"x5" piece of white paper, apply glue, and center it inside the album.

Pennant Power Invitation

This invitation will put your guests in the team spirit. Cut blue and orange card stock into pennant-shaped triangles, each slightly larger than the one before. Glue together and use a marker to write party details.

All-Star Party Invite

Send baseball-card style invitations with the birthday child's picture in the frame and the party information in the section for "stats." To make, use a color copy machine or computer.

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