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Reader's Tip: Keep on Trucking

For my son's second birthday, I made a construction themed cake. I baked a yellow box-shaped cake and used mini peanut butter cups to imitate boulders and scattered them on top. Then I crushed Oreo cookies to make dirt. To finish it off, I added actual trucks and construction toys (that were thoroughly washed). My son played with the cake for hours after the family members each took a slice. --Lisa

Reader's Tip: Firetruck Fun


My son loves trucks, so for his second birthday we had a firetruck party. We had fire hats (that I found at the dollar store), fire chief badges, and name tags with firetrucks on them. We had an emergency vehicles cake with toy rescue vehicles on top. In their goodie bags, we put ambulances, firetrucks, and emergency helicopters. We also had a firetruck pinata. But the kids' favorite part of the party was when the fire department brought the firetruck to the house and let everybody ride on it. I'm not sure who had more fun the kids or the parents! --Beth

All Aboard for Goodies

Let children use stickers and markers to decorate train cars out of small boxes, such as the white ones sold at stationery or craft stores. Later during the party, fill each with candy, stickers, and little toys. Then line the cars up in a row, add an engine and you'll have the perfect goody train.

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