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Experiment wildly at this weird science party!

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Rachel Beto- Mrs. Mouthy

Mad Scientist Party Plan

Let young scientists in training try out a few stellar experiments. Then feast on monstrous burgers and fruity molecules -- followed by a brainiac dessert. Send your guests home with lab access badges and mini test tubes of weird specimens.

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Mad Scientist Birthday Cake

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Rachel Beto- Mrs. Mouthy

Balloon Blow-Up Experiment

Let guests blow up balloons without a single puff of air! Before the party, put about an inch of vinegar into a recycled water bottle, and half fill an uninflated balloon with baking soda. (Use a funnel for easier filling.) Carefully attach the balloon to the mouth of the bottle, without pouring the baking soda in. When you're ready, dump the baking soda in and watch the fizzing mixture inflate the balloon!

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Rachel Beto- Mrs. Mouthy

Color Swirl Experiment

Create a simple and totally cool tie-dye effect with a few ingredients from your kitchen. Pour a little milk into a shallow dish and top with several drops of different colors of food coloring. Next, carefully add a few drops of dish washing detergent. The detergent affects the surface tension, allowing the colors to swirl and mix.

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Rachel Beto- Mrs. Mouthy

Mad Scientist Punch

A small block of dry ice tops off your favorite punch to give it an eerie laboratory vibe. (This punch gets its gruesome green glow from adding a little green Jell-O powder to a mixture of lemon lime soda and lemonade.)

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Rachel Beto- Mrs. Mouthy

Monster Burgers

Melt cheese on top of the bun, and used toothpicks to attach olives, grape tomatoes, and other goodies to turn standard burgers into little monsters.

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Rachel Beto- Mrs. Mouthy

Fruit Molecules

Use toothpicks to link together balls of cantaloupe and melon to create molecular structures.

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Rachel Beto- Mrs. Mouthy

Brainiac Birthday Cake

For this wild and weird cake, bake two cakes -- a 9 x 13 and one in an oven safe round bowl. The 9 x 13 cake gets gray frosting and candy buttons and levers to make it look like a machine. The round cake has thickly piped light grayish squiggles to make it look like a brain (cut a wide opening in a plastic bag loaded with frosting to make your brain). Use shoestring licorice to make the wires.

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Rachel Beto- Mrs. Mouthy

Hand Scan Entry Sign

Put out the welcome mat for your mad scientists in training. Add words that say "hand scan to enter" on a page with the outline of a hand to create your own (low tech) way to ensure that only mad scientists enter the building.

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Rachel Beto- Mrs. Mouthy

Mad Scientist ID Badges

Give your mad scientists in training everything they need to look the part -- you can buy inexpensive disposable lab coats at a medical supply store, and make ID tags to pin on the coats, or wear on a cute lanyard. Offer your mad scientists colored hairspray and gel to create wild, unkempt hairstyles, and dark-rimmed glasses to finish the look.

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Rachel Beto- Mrs. Mouthy

Specimen Favors

Choose fun shaped gummies, fruit roll ups in weird colors, funky gumballs, and other odd candies, then give them a mad science vibe by packing them in plastic test tubes.

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