Huggable-Bugs Party

Ages 2-7

Invitations & Decorations

This party's sure to create a "buzz." Smaller kids will love this happy bee-day celebration. For older kids, you can even feature a walk in the woods with a nature center guide, or perhaps an "ant" or uncle who can help identify various insects.

Bug Crazy Invite

To make a colorful bug-themed invitation, use red card stock. Then cut ovals from decorative paper, and glue onto card. Create head, legs, and antennae with a fine marker, and write in the party details.

Giant Grass

Give kids a bug's eye view of the world. Begin with a big roll of green paper and cut deep zigzags along one edge for grass. Tape it along one wall or all around the party area. (You can even have your kids color bugs on the grass before you tape it up).

Decorated Straws

Dress up drinking straws with our simple chenille bugs and flowers.

What you need:

  • Chenille stems (standard and thin)
  • Pencil
  • Colored drinking straws
  • Scissors

To make bumblebee:

Wind together one standard black and one standard yellow chenille stem to make one striped chenille stem. Wind striped chenille stem around the top of a pencil, overlapping layers to form a small bundle. Slide bundle off pencil, and place over straw. Bend a small piece of thin chenille stem in half, and insert through bee body to make antennae.

To make flower:

Shape one chenille stem into three petals, leaving a small section of stem free. Repeat. Twist the free end of each three-petal configuration around the center of the straw to form complete flower. To finish, cut chenille stem in half and coil it around pencil top; remove and slide over top of straw to make flower's center.

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