Poodles, Pirates, and Paint! 3 Really Fun Birthday Ideas

Let's Get Messy!

Kids Finger-painting at Birthday Party

Jason Todd

This party is all about getting your hands dirty, so finger-painting is the perfect activity.


A colorful invitation covered in your child's handprints has fun written all over it.

What you'll need: Computer, color printer, washable paint, paintbrush, white paper, colored card stock, scissors, glue stick

Let's Get Messy Birthday Party Invitation

Jason Todd

Make it: For each invitation, cut a piece of white paper into a 5-inch square. Brush a thin layer of paint onto your child's palm and have him make handprints on the white paper. While prints are drying, cut a piece of colored card stock into a 5-1/2-inch square. Once paper with handprints is dry, glue it onto the card stock. Type up invite details on your computer and print out. Cut the text into a smaller square and glue onto paper with handprints.


Sure, finger-painting makes a mess, but preschoolers just love it! Our advice: Host this party outside. (Have oversize T-shirts on hand to use as smocks.) Set up an art easel, lay out cups of paint, and cover a few tables with huge pieces of paper. Then let the fun begin.

Goody Bag

Cleanup time! Wrap up soaps, bubble bath, and other goodies in a hand towel for kids to take home.

Finger-painting Kit

Jason Todd

What you'll need: Hand towel, ribbon, scissors, favors such as soap, bubble bath, and rubber ducks

Make it: Unfold hand towel and lay flat. Pile favors in the middle of the towel and fold the long sides in, over the favors. Bring the shorter ends of the towel in toward the middle, gather together, and tie with ribbon.


Modern Art Cake

Jason Todd

Use dribbles and splatters of colored icing to transform a plain cake into a work of modern art.

1 box cake mix (18.25 oz.)
1 can (16 oz.) vanilla frosting
1 can (12 oz.) whipped vanilla frosting Blue, green, pink, purple, and yellow icing colors

1. Prepare cake mix according to directions for two 8-inch round cakes. Frost entire cake with vanilla frosting.

2. Divide whipped frosting among 5 bowls. Color each with an icing color. Transfer to resealable plastic bags. Microwave 10 seconds or until just warmed. Cut off one corner of bag and shake over cake in a random pattern. Repeat with remaining colors.

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