Fiesta Birthday Party

?Feliz cumplea?os! Celebrate your child's big day with a theme party complete with Mexican-inspired d?cor, games, and food.

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Amy Mikler

Throw a Fiesta!

Bright colors, cheerful patterns, and Mexican-inspired accents set the scene for a fun birthday party.

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Amy Mikler

Canned Goods

Let sweet succulents be the star of the kids' table by replanting them in festively colored recycled cans.

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Amy Mikler

Swing Big

Kids will love to take a shot at breaking open this homemade pi?ata. Click through for the instructions.

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Jennifer Causey

How to Make a Pinata

Attach fringed tissue garland and party hats to a paper lantern to make a classic pi?ata.

What you'll need 14" paper lantern, tissue paper, hot-glue gun, tissue festooning, 5 party hats, crepe paper, candy, string

Make it:
1. Assemble paper lantern according to package directions.
2. Fold 2 or 3 pieces of tissue paper into a 6" square and position inside the lantern over the bottom hole.
3. Hot-glue tissue festooning around the bottom of party hats and top opening and middle of lantern.
4. Cut five 12" lengths of crepe paper, fold each in half and cut a slit halfway up the center. Hot-glue each in place at the end of a party hat.
5. Attach four party hats around the center of the lantern, making sure they're evenly spaced, and secure in place with hot glue.
6. Cover the bottom hole of the lantern with the remaining party hat and hot glue in place.
7. Add candy from top opening in lantern, then hang with string.

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Fiesta Party Piñata: How-To Video

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Amy Mikler

Sweet Sombreros

Give guests a colorful serape sombrero to wear at the party. $6 each;

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Amy Mikler

Beautiful Blooms

These bright tissue-paper flowers can double as a party craft for your guests.

What you'll need Tissue paper (2 to 3 colors), scissors, chenille stems or floral wire

Make it:
1. Cut 8 6"x6" squares of 2 to 3 colors of tissue paper.
2. Layer the squares alternating colors and fold accordian-style to about 1" wide.
3. Wrap a chenille stem or floral wire around center of folded tissue.
4. Use scissors to round the ends of the tissue, and then fan out the tissue paper, gently separating and fluffing the layers.

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Amy Mikler

Gorgeous Garland

Hang traditional Mexican banners around the yard. $3.50 to $5 each;

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Amy Mikler

Mexican Menu

Put out chips, salsa, and tasty tacos for kids to eat at the party, then serve homemade granita, Mexican shaved ice, for dessert.

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Amy Mikler

Make, Shake, and Take

Kids can paint their own maracas, then bring home their colorful creations. $15 for 12;

Originally published in the May 2012 issue of Parents magazine.

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