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Trucks and Easter Eggs

Keep On Truckin'

My 3-year-old son adores trucks, so I put "caution" tape all around the yard and deck and on the door. The kids got plastic construction hats instead of party hats. My husband drew a large backhoe on poster board and we played "Pin the Shovel on the Backhoe," and I filled several small resealable bags with dirt so the kids could have a "dirt-bag toss" into a toy dump truck. We set up a roll of paper alongside the house in the carport and let the kids go to town with washable paints and brushes, sponges, and rollers. My son wanted cupcakes, so I served his in the back of a toy truck with three truck-shaped candles.

The highlight was when a real fire truck arrived. All the kids were allowed to climb on it and take turns sitting in the driver's seat. The firefighters stayed for at least half an hour and talked to the kids (and several very interested adults) about the truck and gave all the kids fire hats. They do this free of charge in our area (though we did make a voluntary donation).
Diana Laird
McLean, VA

Healthy Easter-Egg Hunt

My son's 3rd birthday fell on the day before Easter Sunday this year, so we had an Easter-egg hunt. The Thursday before the party we invited a few of his friends over to dye eggs. We used onion skins, beets, cooked berries, and a few drops of food coloring, along with wax crayons and stickers. We made a party out of the egg-dying chore by playing music and serving juice and pizza.

For the main party, first we designed baskets with glitter and stickers, then we embarked on the hunt for eggs, as well as stuffed rabbits and lambs, and bunny- and carrot-inspired toys (pencils, cars, etc.). We served grilled-cheese and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, deviled eggs, carrot sticks, and celery. For dessert, the children feasted on sugarless banana nut cake (Mani's Bakery in Los Angeles specializes in baked goods made without flour, sugar, or eggs, and everything tastes great). We had a great time.
Lys Wilcox
Los Angeles, CA

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