Flying Colors: A Crayon-Inspired Birthday Party

Lindi Haws thought outside the lines for her daughter Ella's crayon-inspired birthday bash.

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Courtesy of Lindi Haws

Little Miss Sunshine

The birthday girl, who turned 2, in her yellow T-shirt and matching cupcake icing!

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Courtesy of Lindi Haws

Personal Space

Every kid's place setting was a different vibrant hue. Start with a black-felt rectangle and add bands of colored felt and white rickrack to mimic a crayon's wrapper.

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Courtesy of Lindi Haws

Paper Trail

The kids went wild decorating a roll of butcher paper with buttons, crayons, and foam cutouts.

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Courtesy of Lindi Haws

Dough Getter

Playing with colored Play-Doh allowed guests to stretch their imagination.

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Courtesy of Lindi Haws

Rainbow Treat

Patience is the key for this gelatin dessert. Let each layer solidify before adding a band of whipped cream and the next color.

Originally published in the September 2013 issue of Parents magazine.

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