Ready, Set, Color Party

Ages 2-4.

Invitations, Activities & Goodies

Crayons inspired this birthday bash.



Supply each of your child's pals with a pack of crayons before the party. Write or print out party details on hanging tags. For fun, have the birthday boy or girl add a drawing. Attach to crayon boxes with yarn.


What's more fun than an afternoon of coloring? Cover your floor with sheets of art paper, and fill several containers with crayons. Then step back, and let the little artists show off their stuff!

Goodie Bag


A coloring book keeps creativity flowing after the party's over. Simply print pages from sites like, and bind with a decorative cover. Add a pocket for kids to stash crayons.

Party Resources

  • Patterned paper and stickers from Me & My Big Ideas; visit

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