Bug Birthday Party

This party celebrates a child's love of insects -- without a sting to the wallet.

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Francis Janisch

Bug Hunt

Buy bugs in bulk and place them around your yard or family room for the kids to hunt. Plastic magnifying glasses will get kids excited to seek out and examine their specimens.

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Francis Janisch

Bug Bottle

Kids can add moss, sticks, and grass to a recycled plastic jar to make a take-home habitat for the interesting insects they find.

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Francis Janisch

Grass Table Skirt

Weave a tablecloth out of different shades of cheap crepe paper streamers and attach fake bugs with glue.

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Francis Janisch

Caterpillar Cake

A standard fluted Bundt pan and a box of cake mix is the secret to this fantastically creepy dessert.

Originally published in the May 2011 issue of Parents magazine.

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Caterpillar Crawl Birthday Cake

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Inchworm Cupcakes

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