Birthday Party Theme Ideas for Kids 9 and Up

Make Your Own Pizza

Since this party will take place primarily in your kitchen, you might want to limit the guest list to those who can fit comfortably around your kitchen table. Also, be sure to note on the invitation that this will be a cooking party so that guests will come dressed appropriately.

Game: Make your own pizzas. With prepared dough already in place, let your chefs loose to knead, shape, sauce, and decorate their own pizza creations. Have topping out in small bowls for easy access and preheat your oven so there's no waiting around.

Party favor: Chef hats or personalized aprons.

Planning timeline

  • One month before party day: Make guest list, plan menu, send invitations.
  • Two weeks before party day: Shop for party favors, paper goods; find prepared dough or a recipe you like. Ask a friend or relative who has RSVP'd to act as your assistant on party day.
  • One week before party day: Shop for menu items.

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