Birthday Party Theme Ideas for Kids 9 and Up

Pirate Party

Ahoy there, mateys. Pirate parties provide a great backdrop for fun costumes and creative games. This theme works well indoors or out, and it's also a good one for multi-age parties since pirate fun cuts across many age lines. Use your computer to generate treasure map invitations to the bash.

Game: Treasure Hunt. Set up a traditional scavenger hunt under the guise of searching for buried treasure. This can take place in a backyard or inside. Divide your guests into small teams of two or three each and have them hunt for a variety of items. Set a time limit. The team to find the most items wins.

Party favor: Eye patches.

Planning timeline

  • One month before party day: Make guest list, plan menu, send invitations.
  • Two weeks before party day: Shop for party favors, paper goods. Ask a friend or relative who has RSVP'd to act as your assistant on party day.
  • One week before party day: Shop for menu items.

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