Birthday Party Theme Ideas for 5-to 6-Year-Olds

Puppet Show Party

For the theatrical crowd, a puppet show party offers the right combination of crafts and time in the spotlight. It may help to come up with a storyline that most everyone knows ahead of time, say, Noah's Ark or another well-known tale with a large cast of characters. That will help inspire the puppeteers.

Game: Paper bag puppet making. Set out lunch-size paper bags, stickers, markers, yarn and glue and let the puppet making begin. Try to have a few extra adults on hand to help out if necessary. When the puppets are finished, invite the guests to put on a puppet show for the adults.

Party favors: Markers and stickers for puppet decorating.

Planning timeline

  • One month before party day: Make guest list, plan menu, send invitations.
  • Two weeks before party day: Shop for party favors, paper goods, and items needed for the puppet making. Ask a friend or relative who has RSVP'd to act as your assistant on party day.
  • One week before party day: Shop for menu items.

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