Backyard Camping Birthday Bash

Get out the camping gear and throw your kid an awesome birthday party with this explorer d?cor.

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Kelly Hike

Welcome to Camp!

A hand-painted sign greets guests to "Camp Luke;" it's the perfect camp-themed welcome (and it's way more original than balloons).

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Kelly Hike

Smiles all Around

Entertain your campers with classic campfire birthday songs.

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Birthday Party Ideas: Star Candy Cake

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Kelly Hike

Patchwork Pillow

Decorate the pillows in your tent with easy iron-on scout badges.

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Kelly Hike

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Kelly Hike

Exploration Nation

Let campers explore wild grounds with these cute binoculars. They'll discover a lot in their own backyards.

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Kelly Hike

Custom Favors

Customize each campers' favor by stamping their names onto classic camp lunch bags.

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Kelly Hike

Guiding Bright

Direct your campers over to their tent with these bright and bold handmade fabric signs.

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Kelly Hike

Flash Frenzy

Keep things bright in the dark woods with these mini flashlights. They ensure that your explorers uncover every nook and cranny.

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Kelly Hike

Explorer Outfits

Hand out personalized t-shirts to get your campers in the spirit.

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Kelly Hike

Make a Mark

Create a fun guest book by painting an outdoor table with chalkboard paint.

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Kelly Hike

Outdoor Entertainment

Gather around for a less traditional campfire. The stage is set for an outdoor screening of The Berenstain Bears: Fun Family Adventures!

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Kelly Hike

Cool Campfire

Gather around a makeshift campfire constructed from a pile of hula hoops.

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Kelly Hike

Fire Fighters

Keep the campers busy by pretending to roast marshmallows or fight the fire with fun!

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Kelly Hike

Capture the Flag

Campers will run wild for a game of "capture the color" where they race to grab the most colored balls as fast as they can.

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Kelly Hike

Take Cover!

To keep safe from the lions, tigers, and bears (oh my!) let the kids run and hide under a parachute as other campers let it rise and fall.

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Kelly Hike

Toasted Treats

Sit back at the campfire, and enjoy some delicious cookies from Eleni's in New York City.

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Kelly Hike

Second Star

Light up the night with star cupcakes that will surely capture the attention of your little adventurers.

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S'more Fun!

Captivate your audience with tasty s'more treats as they kick back at sunset.

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