Picasso for a Day

Bring out the artiste in your child with these creative birthday ideas.

Invitations, Decorations, Activities & Favors

Color your birthday child happy with a celebration of creativity. Budding artists will make this an event to remember. In the invitation, or at the time of the RSVPs, ask guests to bring a smock or paint shirt. Let the kids draw on their imaginations and you'll send them home with a masterpiece or two.

Painter's Invite

Fashion a painter's palette cut from manila folders. Glue on blobs of construction paper "paint" in assorted colors and add the necessary information.

"Artist at Heart" Invite

This year for my son's fifth birthday, we used one of his drawings for the invitation. We reduced the picture, copied it on a color copier to fit the front of basic card stock and spray mounted it. We've never received so many compliments on a birthday invitation before! -- Taryn


  • Set up some "blank canvases" for kids to adorn. Put an old white sheet on the table and spread a roll of paper on the ground or along a fence or interior wall. The kids can decorate these during the party.
  • Cluster art supplies: paint bottles in baskets, brushes or makers in cans.


  • Have the kids use sidewalk chalk to draw on the driveway or patio.
  • Ask each child to decorate a designated portion of the tablecloth with handprints, foam stamps, etc. Spin in the dryer for 10 minutes to heat-set the paint.

Party Favor

Tuck a few art supplies into each self-portrait folder. Consider a pad of paper and a few colored pencils, a jigsaw puzzle you've made by cutting apart a large postcard, or a few pieces of origami paper with a photocopy of an instruction sheet.

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