Oh, Goody!

These fun favors will keep guests entertained long after the party's over.

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Jennifer Causey

Water Works

Budding artists will love to stash this set in their backpacks. $6 for 12; partycity.com

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Jennifer Causey

Temp Job

These cute critter tattoos are easy-on, easy-off. $5 for 12; weegallery.com

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Jennifer Causey

Star Struck

These fun frames are shady -- in the best way. $4 for 10; partycity.com

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Jennifer Causey

Puppet Pals

Kids will love to play with these plush creatures. $5 for 10; ikea.com

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Jennifer Causey

Crayon Creation

This star is like a pack of crayons in one -- each point has different pigments. $7 for 5; etsy.com/shop/ChiclilHippo

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Jennifer Causey

Quick Draw

A tiny Etch-a-Sketch is ideal for drawing on-the-go. $4 for 2; partycity.com

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Jelly Bean Cupcakes

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Jennifer Causey

Chalk it Up

These are perfect for piecing together a sidewalk masterpiece. $18 for 12; etsy.com/shop/abathshoppe

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Jennifer Causey

Bright Idea

A pencil sharpener that's both practical and playful. $6.50 for 12; ustoy.com

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Jennifer Causey

Tee Time

These bounce much higher than golf balls -- just keep them away from sand traps! $7 for 12; orientaltrading.com

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Jennifer Causey

Retro Fun

Old-school travel games are charming enough to banish backseat boredom. $13 for 12; partypalooza.com

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Jennifer Causey

Smiley Stickers

Slap these shiny smiles on everything from notebooks to bulletin boards. $2.50 for 100; orientaltrading.com

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Jennifer Causey

Good Fortune

Thank you's are even sweeter when they're edible! Send a "thanks for coming" cookie home with each guest. $2 each; beau-coup.com

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Jennifer Causey

Short and Sweet

Who wouldn't want to pocket these pint-sized colored pencils? $3 each; shopsweetlulu.com

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Jennifer Causey


This prehistoric placeholder makes kids' books even more fun. $3 for 12; sears.com

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Jennifer Causey

Magic Trick

Will kids adore this petite fortune-teller? Without a doubt! $5 for 4; shindigz.com

Originally published in the May 2012 issue of Parents magazine.

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