Birthday Party Balloons

Make your little one's big day a special one with these hassle-free balloon ideas.

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Johnny Miller


Inflate, knot, and then clip regular-size and 5-inch balloons to a ribbon for a festive focal point. Plastic balloon clips are available at If you need to inflate dozens of balloons, a hand pump gets the job done in a snap!

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Johnny Miller

Darling Daisies

To create darling daisies, tie the bases of a cluster of balloons together and then insert a contrasting-color center.

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Birthday Party Ideas: Daisy Balloons

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Johnny Miller

Three's Company

1. Fold washi tape over strings and snip notches in the ends for a pennant effect.

2. Fill clear balloons with tissue-paper confetti and decorate the strings with neon-hued office- supply stickers. To stuff a balloon with confetti (or treats): Cut off the bottom of a water bottle and use the top as a funnel.

3. Give jumbo-size floaters some serious style with ribbons knotted to the balloon's end.

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Johnny Miller

Age Appropriate

Send guests home with helium balloons adorned with cutout paper numbers (the birthday kid's age).

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Johnny Miller

Chalk-Full of Fun

For a fun chalkboard-like look, use white paint pens to write phrases like "Let's Party!" on black inflatables.

Originally published in the May 2014 issue of Parents magazine.

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