Birthday Party Invitations

Start the party off right!

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Put your guests in a festive spirit with these easy-to-make invitations.

Fly Me In

Cut paper into the shape of an airplane and decorate. Then tape a white ribbon or piece of white paper behind the plane like a streamer, and write the party information on it.

Frame Me

To spruce up an invitation, create a homemade frame using pinking shears or craft shears with funny edges (scallops, half circles, triangles). Or cut large shapes, such as fish or apples, and paste your invitation to the center of each shape.

Doll It Up

Trace a paper doll's body and then place a color copy of the birthday girl's head on top. Write the party details on the body and enclose a cutout of a dress for kids to color and decorate. Invite guests to bring their creations to the party.

Garden Party

Tape an invitation to a seed packet such as sunflowers, corn, or marigolds. Have dirt and starter pots at the party along with extra packets of seeds.

Jump-Start Invitation

Tape a tiny spring (available at hardware or craft stores) inside a homemade or store-bought invitation. Make pictures or use stickers and attach to the top of the spring for a jack-in-the-box effect when the envelope is opened.

Bug Crazy Invite

To make a colorful bug-themed invitation, use red card stock. Then cut ovals from decorative paper, and glue onto card. Create head, legs, and antennae with a fine marker, and write in the party details.

Mystery-Scroll Invitation

Use parchment-style paper or age white paper with a wet tea bag. (Let paper dry completely.) You can singe the edges of the paper (adults only!) by lighting the edge and blowing out the flame immediately. Repeat as needed. Write invitation details and draw hieroglyphs for added effect. Roll paper into a scroll, then secure with twine weighted with two pebbles. Hand-deliver or mail in tubes.

Basketball Invites

Cut a 4-inch x 11-inch rectangle from a piece of red construction paper and fold in half. Carefully score and bend back the flap of the card 1 inch from the fold. Punch two holes in this folded section. Loop twine through the holes, knot, and trim any excess. To decorate the front of the invitation, cut a 2-inch x 1 3/4-inch rectangle from a piece of blue construction paper; attach a small photograph of your child; trim blue paper border with scallop-edged scissors and glue matted picture on the front of the card. Using an oversize craft punch, cut out two hearts and affix with glue alongside the photo. Write the invitation details on a 3-inch x 5-inch piece of white paper, apply glue, and center it inside the album.

Pennant Power Invitation

This invitation will put your guests in the team spirit. Cut blue and orange card stock into pennant-shaped triangles, each slightly larger than the one before. Glue together and use a marker to write party details.

All-Star Party Invite

Send baseball-card style invitations with the birthday child's picture in the frame and the party information in the section for "stats." To make, use a color copy machine or computer.

Stylish Invitations

Use glitter markers to write party details on tags. Using silver thread, tie tags to bejeweled sunglasses. (To save money, decorate inexpensive cardboard sunglasses with glitter paint.) Have guests wear their shades to the party.

Little-Sleepers Invitation

Fleecy fabric gives this invitation a cozy touch. Trace the pajama template onto fabric, cut out the pajama shapes, and glue them onto folded card stock. Add invitation details with a marker or alphabet stickers.

Pillowcase Invitation

Our pillowcase invite is perfect for sleepovers.

What you need:

  • Paper luggage tag
  • Scalloped scissors
  • Marker
  • Pillowcase
  • Ribbon

To make:

Trim luggage tag's edges using scalloped scissors. Write party information on tag in marker. Fold the pillowcase in half lengthwise and roll. Tie ribbon around rolled pillowcase, and thread one end of the ribbon through the tag. Send in cardboard mailing tube.

Little-Hand Invitation

Celebrate how far your child has come by showing her handprint on an infant onesie. This invitation will be a memento that your guests are sure to treasure. (Don't forget to make an extra in a larger size for your own child to wear.) For a cost-saving version, trace a onesie on card stock.


  • Infant onesies or T-shirts
  • Puff and fabric paints
  • Paintbrush or sponge
  • Tags
  • Diaper pin
  • Ribbon

To make:

Apply fabric paint to hand using a paintbrush or a sponge. (Practice on paper before making handprints on onesies.) The paints are nontoxic, but enlist a helper to prevent your child from putting her fingers in her mouth or on fabric. (The paint will wash off hands easily with water.) Dry onesies overnight. Then use puff paint to write a birthday message on the onesies and the tags, practicing first. Dry overnight. Pin cards to onesies, fold, and tie with ribbon.

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