It's Party Time!

Countdown to the Big Day!

4 Weeks Before

  • Set the date.
  • Book any entertainment. (You may have to book popular acts months in advance, so check before mentioning it to your child).
  • Make or buy invitations. Fill out (including RSVP date) and mail or deliver. A month gives parents time to check schedules.

Three Weeks Before

  • Read through your party plan and make a shopping list of all supplies and groceries.
  • Shop for tabletop paper goods.
  • Order any special supplies.

Two Weeks Before

  • Start making or buying decorations. Figure out how you'll rig any that need hanging or other support.
  • Stock up on whatever supplies will be needed for craft projects.
  • Shop for goody bags and prizes.

One Week Before

  • Enlist the help of other parents or older siblings to chaperone the party.
  • Call any parent who hasn't responded.
  • Check your cameras for film and flash. Do a test run with your camcorder.

The Day Before

  • Purchase food. Bake or buy cake. Prepare any other food that can be safely made ahead.
  • Childproof the party area.
  • Run through each activity. Organize props.

Party Day

  • Make the remaining food.
  • Set up indoor decorations, blow up balloons, and step back to observe.
  • Set up outdoor activities and decorations.
  • Set up the party starters (the first arrival activities) or any necessary craft stations.
  • Make a pot of coffee for any adults who linger.
  • Chill extra juice, soda, and milk.

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