A Green Carnival

Recycled materials are the foundation of this big-top bash.

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Come One, Come All

Canvas curtains and an upcycled newspaper banner and medallions welcome the guests.

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How to Make Newspaper Medallions

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Tara Donne

Tiny Terrariums

Recycle glass jars as self-contained gardens. Start with half an inch of pebbles, add a layer of activated charcoal; then add 2 inches of soil. Help the kids plant leafy specimens or succulents and top their "garden" with moss and tiny animal figurines.

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Simple Terrarium

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Tara Donne

Homemade Midway

Turn a cardboard box into a target for a DIY beanbag toss. For the roulette game, guests select painted rocks and then spin the wheel. The rock that matches the color the arrow lands on wins!

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Tara Donne

Compost Cupcakes

These treats are topped with chocolate cookie crumbles, bits of candy, and snacks to resemble a compost pile. Bake a chocolate kiss into one cupcake, and one lucky kid will get a surprise.

Originally published in the May 2013 issue of Parents magazine.

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