Checklist: Birthday Party Shortcuts

Try these sanity-savers and shortcuts for a blissful birthday party!

___ Narrow down the theme or activities to what your child loves. Open-ended themes such as wheels, a garden party, or under the sea, allow you to mix up decorations and colors.

___ Go with your strengths. Do what you're good at and get help for the rest. If you're not such a great baker, buy the cake or cupcakes, and lead the kids in a rousing sing-along.

___ Ask a friend to take photos or videotape the event so you can be in the pictures, too.

___ Do as much as possible of the prep work and decorating beforehand.

___ Decorate the cake with small plastic figures of your child's favorite characters.

___ To prevent choking, avoid serving young children popcorn, hard candies, hot dogs, raw carrots, grapes, and nuts. Opt for Mylar balloons instead of latex ones.

___ Polaroids, board books, rubber duckies, bubbles, or even favorite song lyrics (printed and stapled) can add splash to goody bags.

___ Keep it simple. Remember: Your child's life will be full of birthdays. If you don't get it perfect this time, you can try again next year!

Excerpted from the Ages & Stages weekly baby newsletter, Week 51.

Originally published on, July 2006.

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