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Party Idea: The Magic of Fairies and Wizards

The Fun

Thanks to the Harry Potter franchise, the magical realm is no longer for girls only -- although you can still plan a girly fairy party if you choose!

Set up several craft stations. Kids can make their own wands (put out sticks, ribbon, glitter, and glue sticks, and make sure there's an adult or older child present to help) and wizard hats (create cones out of sturdy paper ahead of time, and provide glitter, cut-out star and moon shapes, and glue sticks for decoration).

Extend the theme by hanging white twinkle lights and pretty paper lanterns. A bubble machine will add even more enchantment to the atmosphere. Sprinkle the table with star-shaped confetti (available at

The Food

Fairy and wizard figurines or edible glitter (check are an easy way to make a plain cake frosted in white, pink, or dark blue magical. Serve star-shape PB&J sandwiches and pretzel sticks dipped in chocolate (edible wands!).

If you're planning a girlier version of this idea, have a tea party featuring juice or chocolate milk. Ask the guests to wear their Princess dresses (most little girls own at least one!). Melanie Myatt of Chicago served up flower-shaped sandwiches and strawberries for her daughter Tessa's tea-party birthday. "The highlight was letting the girls use real china teacups -- I got cheap ones at TJ Maxx," she says. "You could tell they felt special and wanted to be careful."

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