Brilliant Birthday Party Ideas

Ages 5+: Team-Time Bash

Pennant Power Invitation

This invitation will put your guests in the team spirit. Cut blue and orange card stock into pennant-shaped triangles, each slightly larger than the one before. Glue together and use a marker to write party details.


Cap It Off! Have your crew decorate caps with puff paints and felt patches featuring sports themes. While the paint dries, take the kids outside for a game of your child's favorite sport.

Ice-Cream Victory Cup Cake

Show your birthday child who's first in your eyes with this grand-prize ice-cream dessert.*

First-Place Souvenirs Goody Bag

Use travel-size soap cases to hold baseball cards, sporty key chains, whistles, and stickers. Decorate with first-place ribbons. Cut paper into one-inch strips, and notch the ends. Then attach with medal-style stickers. Wrap the cases with sports-theme sneaker laces, and tie in bows.

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