Brilliant Birthday Party Ideas

Nothing captures the magic of childhood better than a birthday. So give your child a celebration to remember. Everything you need is right on these pages -- fabulous invitations, crafts, activities, cakes, and goody bags -- all easy to make, fun to do, and designed with busy parents in mind.

Look Who's One Today!

Keep the first party simple and elegant. A special party hat, perhaps a few decorations, and a centerpiece cake are all you need. Plan the festivities for a time when your child is content and alert. Some parents find that a brunch works well. Prepare your child for the excitement by practicing "Happy Birthday" and blowing out an imaginary candle together.

Invite your closest friends and family members and their little ones.* You don't need to prepare activities or goody bags, because little guests can entertain themselves.

Cake time is the party highlight. We created a sweet and magical teddy-bear cake.* Sing "Happy Birthday" and help your toddler blow out that special candle. (Make sure you have the camera ready.) Then watch her enjoy a slice of her well-deserved birthday cake.

Little-Hand Invitation

Celebrate how far your child has come by showing her handprint on an infant onesie. This invitation will be a memento that your guests are sure to treasure. (Don't forget to make an extra in a larger size for your own child to wear.) For a cost-saving version, trace a onesie on card stock.*

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