10 Creative Birthday Cakes

Wow your party animals with one of these crazy cool cakes! 

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Gimme Some Candy

Sometimes more is more. This mod, mosaic-inspired cake gets its look from monochromatic candy in lots of shapes and sizes. (This cake is best for older kids, as hard and chewy candies can be a choking hazard for kids under age 4.) 

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How to Make a Candy Cake

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This lovable bear is perfect for a zoo-themed party. 

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Galactic Blast

Your child’s space-themed birthday is about to shoot out of this world! 

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How to Make a Galaxy Cake

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Ohhh, Ombré

Candy-coated pretzels make this cake taste just as good as it looks. No time to make your own? Order colored ones from ohnuts.com

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How to Make a Pretzel Cake

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We used sliced licorice and a cross-stitch pattern to create the rainbow on this cute cake!

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How to Make a Pixel Cake

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Photograph by Laura Moss

Fit for a Princess

Give your birthday girl the royal treatment by presenting her with a cushion-shaped cake adorned with gumdrop-and-fruit-twist tassels. After singing "Happy Birthday," you can even crown her with the tiara.

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Photograph by Laura Moss

Cowboy Cool

Tip your hat to the Wild West with this boot-shaped cake, complete with caramel candy straps and gumdrop designs you can customize with the birthday cowpoke's favorite colors.

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Hoop It Up Cake

Hoop It Up!

A domed cake will score big points with little sports fans. If there's no birthday on your family calendar this month, serve it up as a March Madness treat.

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Photograph by Laura Moss

Magical Unicorn

Our handsome horned creature, assembled from a cleverly cut sheet cake, has a flowing mane of colorful marshmallow twists (available at party stores).

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Lotsa Lollies Cake

Lotsa Lollies

This eye-popping party cake's only embellishment is colorful candies on a stick. You can use the extra pops to fill goodie bags.

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