Adorable Projects for Beginner Sewers

Created with the most basic stitches, these five easy projects are perfect for kids just learning how to sew.

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Photograph by Alexandra Grablewski

Easiest Dress (or Shirt) Ever

These projects were road-tested at the backyard sewing camp I ran last summer for a bunch of eager participants ages 6 to 12 -- my own kids, Harry and Ava, included. I set out to design fast and simple crafts that would capture the kids' imagination. A wearable item, a soft toy with its own place to sleep, a game, and a cute key fob seemed to cover all the bases. The kids agreed, and our camp kept us in stitches for many happy hours.

First, the easiest t-shirt dress ever: A few lines of stitching turn a grown-up's tee into a cool and comfy dress or shirt. For extra style, add a stenciled monogram.

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Photograph by Alexandra Grablewski

An Easy-to-Sew Stuffed Pal

This project teaches kids how to make a small pillow -- and leaves them with a new best friend.

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Photograph by Alexandra Grablewski

Sleeping Bag for Stuffed Animals

Stitch up the perfect haven for a favorite stuffed animal. If your kids have outgrown their flannel pj's, this is a great way to upcycle them!

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Photograph by Alexandra Grablewski

Make a Travel Tic-Tac-Toe Game

This portable game mat is dressed up with button playing pieces (taking an expedition to choose them can be part of the fun). If you like, make a little bag for them, using a felt circle and a thread or ribbon tie.

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Photograph by Alexandra Grablewski

Cute Key Rings Kids Can Make

Design your own shapes for these fobs or trace our templates inspired by Japanese kawaii ("cute") style.

Originally published in the August 2013 issue of FamilyFun

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