Simple Scrapbooks for Your Baby's First Year

Monthly Album

The designer: Nancy Church of Augusta, Georgia. Nancy created a monthly memory album for her daughter, Lauren.

The concept: A month-by-month album allows you to easily organize and document your baby's growth and development throughout the first year. You can sit down and scrapbook once a month and stay caught up on all the milestones.

Pre-baby checklist

  • Choose an album. Nancy selected an 8 1/2 x 11-inch album so she can easily add extra pages for each month if needed.
  • Create a title page, a dedication page, and a table of contents page for your album.
  • Select cardstock and/or patterned paper for your photo mats and journaling blocks, and prepurchase embellishments for each month's section. (Having all your materials on hand will make your scrapbooking time much more efficient!)
  • Create a section page for each month (i.e., second month, third month, and so on). In Nancy's album, each month has its own theme, listed on the table of contents. This allowed her to introduce new colors and accents and take advantage of more of the fun baby-themed scrapbooking products available.
  • Create blank pages for your album, leaving room for photographs and journaling.

Post-baby checklist

  • Take photographs during each month of your baby's life. (Want to keep it simple? Take one roll of film a month.)
  • Keep notes of your baby's growth and development during the month. Nancy suggests keeping a small notebook by your bed and jotting down memories on a daily basis.
  • Scrapbook once a month. Pick up your roll of film from the photo lab, type your journaling from your notes, and assemble your monthly set of pages.

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