Readers' Best Family Vacation Photos

School season's here, but the weather's still ripe for outdoor activities. Gather the kids and try these ideas inspired by the summer photos Parents readers submitted in our first-ever Family Vacation Photo Contest.

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Be One With Nature

Photo of Chelsea McGowan,1 year; Mount Prospect, Illinois.
Submitted by Laurie McGowan

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Taste Something Sweet

Photo of Cooper Thomas,10 months; Monroe, Louisiana.
Submitted by Lesli and Chris Thomas

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Feel the Sand in Your Toes

Photo of Cole Hardin,1 year; Cincinnati, Ohio.
Submitted by Jennifer and Neal Hardin

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Swing the Day Away

Photo of Bailey Rose Monroe, 9 years; Knoxville, Tennessee.
Submitted by Angela Monroe

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Connect with a Creature

Photo of Charlie Levine, 4 years; Nyack, New York.
Submitted by Alanna Levine

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Make Like a Bird

Photo of Angel Burch, 1½ years; West Des Moines, Iowa.
Submitted by Christie Burch

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Watch the Waves Roll In

Photo of Brenna Burger, 2½ years; Clio, Michigan.
Submitted by Brooke Burger

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Take the Plunge

Photo of Nicholas Johnson,4 years; Birmingham, Alabama.
Submitted by Mike Johnson

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Catch a Sunset

Photo of Thomas Boscha, 6 years; Bozeman, Montana.
Submitted by Rick Boscha

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Float Away

Photo of Gracie, 8 years, and Hannah, 5 years; Fuquay Varina, North Carolina.
Submitted by Deb Ford

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Get Lost in an Adventure

Photo of María José Martínez Lavín Gallo, 2 years, 8 months; Mexico City, Mexico.
Submitted by Mariluz Gallo

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Christa Renee

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