Stained Glass Kite Craft

Use wax paper and melted crayons to make this simple, pretty sun catcher.

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Kite Sun Catcher

Alexandra Grablewski

Kite Sun Catcher

What you'll need:

Kite Template

Heavy colored paper


Broken crayons

Wax paper

Pencil sharpener or old vegetable peeler

Old kitchen towels


Glue stick


Hole punch

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Kite Craft: Step 1

Alexandra Grablewski

Kite Craft: Step 1

Trace our kite template twice onto heavy colored paper and cut out both pieces.

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Kite Craft: Step 2

Alexandra Grablewski

Kite Craft: Step 2

Use a pencil sharpener or an old vegetable peeler to make crayon shavings. Sprinkle shavings between two pieces of wax paper. Sandwich the wax paper between old kitchen towels and press with an iron set on low, until the crayons and wax paper melt together. Let cool.

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Kite Craft: Step 3

Alexandra Grablewski

Kite Craft: Step 3

Cut the melted wax paper to fit between the two kite-shaped pieces of paper; glue together. Cut ribbon to make a tail, and glue to the bottom of the kite. To hang, punch a hole at the top.

Originally published in the August 2006 issue of Parents magazine.

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