Simple Puppets

Let's Pretend, p.3

4. For facial features, let your child pick tiny rectangles or triangles for eyebrows; crescents, zigzags, or circles in red or pink for mouths; and crescents in a color slightly darker than the face for noses. He can choose round buttons or felt to make the eyes. Sew on button eyes, or if you wish, make crying eyes from black felt in tiny crescents and add a rhinestone teardrop. Then glue on all the other features.

5. For felt hair, cut an oval 1/2" larger than the face, and then snip it in half. Place one half on the back of the head. Have your child help you cut bangs or design other hairstyles for the front half. To create yarn hair, snip several strands of yarn to the desired length (about 1" for short hair, 3" for long).

6. Attach felt hair along the top of the face using fabric glue or a hot glue gun (a glue gun creates more secure seams, but be sure to keep it away from children). Repeat for the back of the head. For both short and long yarn hair, squeeze glue on the inside-back of the head, and place strands along it. For long hair, apply an additional line of glue an inch up from the outside-bottom of the head and another at the top; align hair on the bottom line, letting the excess stick out at the top.

Next, apply glue along the inside perimeter of the back of the head (be sure not to glue across the chin or neck area so that your child's fingers can fit in the head). Press the face on top, and let dry. If desired, your child can gather the yarn hair in a ponytail with embroidery thread or ribbon.

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