Simple Puppets

Let's Pretend, p.2

To Make the Puppets

1. Ask your child to place his open hand on a sheet of paper and trace around it. Measure the span from thumb to pinky and the width of the hand from the base of the thumb across to the other side of the hand. Record the measurements.

2. Using a separate sheet of paper, make patterns for the heads and hands of the puppets. For the bodies, create a T shape with the top of the T measuring 1" wider than the thumb-to-pinky span of your child's hand. The bottom should measure 1" wider than the base of the hand; the height should be 5 1/2".

When drawing the T shape, round the inside corners so the arms gently curve into the body. Heads for boys should be drawn as rectangles about 3" by 4" and for girls as ovals about 2 3/4" by 3 1/4". Draw two small half-circles for the ears halfway down the head. To make the hands, draw an oval either 1 1/2" by 2" or 2" by 3", depending on the size of the puppet's body. Then cut out the patterns.

3. Fold 9" by 11" pieces of felt in half so the 9" sides meet, and pin the T-shaped pattern to the felt, aligning the bottom along the fold. Ask your child to cut around the pattern and then along the fold line to create two pieces. Repeat for heads and hands, cutting two pieces for the heads and one piece for the hands. For the boys' heads, round the corners of the rectangles. Cut the smaller oval in half to make two hands.

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