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Raid your pantry, craft closet, and recycling bin for supplies to make these entertaining crafts with your kids.

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Trevor Dixon

Magical Marionettes

Kids can transform painted cardboard tubes into dragon and princess puppets using a hole punch, yarn, and sticks from the yard.

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How to Make a Dragon Marionette

Kids can craft this dragon puppet from recycled cardboard paper towel and toilet paper tubes.

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Trevor Dixon

Sock Creature Puppets

Give single socks new life by crafting them into a wacky family. Stuff each with batting; then glue on facial features and accessories.

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How to Make Sock Puppets

Stuff stray socks with cotton batting to turn them into a family of playful puppets.

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Trevor Dixon

Finger Dancer Puppets

Rescue a cardboard ring box from your drawer; then make this adorable puppet using the stuffing from inside!

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How to Make a Ring Box Puppet

Kids can quickly transform a cardboard ring box into a finger dancing puppet.

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Trevor Dixon

Early Bird Puppet

A boring brown lunch bag goes from drab to fab when kids decorate it with wrapping-paper scraps, ribbon, and tissue paper.

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How to Make a Paper Bag Puppet

Decorate a brown paper bag with gift wrap scraps to make this adorable bird puppet.

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Trevor Dixon

Pop-Up Animal Puppets

Cover a soup can in felt to make a hideout for these furry animals. Kids can move the dowels to make them go up and down all day long.

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How to Make Pop-up Puppets

Start with a soup can, then add felt and fabric to make this beary cute pop-up puppet.

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Trevor Dixon

Snack Pack Puppets

Attach fresh fruits and veggies together with halved and whole toothpicks to create Granny Apple, Pierre the Pear, and Orange Gino. Use a butter knife to make small slits and then push in dried black-eyed peas for eyes. Finish these food puppets off by inserting a chopstick handle for your kid to hold onto.

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How to Make Snack Puppets

How to Make Snack Puppets

Attach fruits and veggies together with toothpicks to make these edible food puppets.

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Trevor Dixon

Pantry People Puppets

Dress up wooden spoons with fun and unexpected items from your kitchen cabinets! Cupcake liners, patterned paper napkins, wax paper, bow-tie pasta, and sponges all make beautiful garments, while classic office dot stickers can be cut into eyes, brows, mouths, and mustaches.

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How to Make Spoon Puppets

This kitchy crew of spoon puppets is made using things from your pantry.

Originally published in the November 2012 issue of Parents magazine.

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