Kid Crafts: Colorful Bank

Bank On It!, p.2

Encouraging your child to play bank or store is also great for dramatic play. Such a game nurtures your child's imagination and helps develop his language skills as he pretends to be a shopkeeper, bank teller, or customer and is a wonderful activity for a rainy April day. A bonus, Dr. Stiff says, is the opportunity for him to handle and count the money. "He'll be able to draw on these hands-on experiences as he gets older and learns more about math in school."

To make the project

1. Rinse out and wipe dry a coffee can and lid. Using a tape measure, determine the can's circumference and height. Take a sheet of colored paper and, with a ruler and pencil, measure and draw a rectangle equal in length to the circumference of the can plus 1" and equal in width to the height of the canister minus ?". Help your child cut out the shape, apply glue along one short edge, and press it onto the can, positioned so one long edge is flush along the bottom. Wrap the paper around the can, apply glue along the seam, and press it in place.

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