Garden Crafts

Pressed-Flower Pictures

Follow these directions to make beautiful pictures with the colorful and delicate flowers of a garden.

1. Go for a walk through your garden and collect delicate flowers.

2. Next, press the flowers. Phone books make great flower presses. Place a few flowers between a set of pages; then turn to another section of the phone book, and add a few more flowers. When you've put all your flowers in the book, close it, and place a heavy object on top.

3. After a few weeks, check to see if the flowers have dried.

4. When you're ready to make your picture, pour nontoxic liquid glue into a shallow dish. Using your fingers or a paintbrush, put the glue on a piece of paper where the flowers will rest.

5. Pick up the dried flowers with a pair of tweezers, place them on the glue, and let them dry.

6. Use watercolors finger paint, chalk, or colored pencils to complete your masterpiece.

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