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Butterfly Haven

Creating a butterfly garden is easy, even if the only dirt you have available is in a window box. Here's how to begin.

1. Find a section of your garden that gets about six hours of sunlight a day and is sheltered from the wind.

2. Fill it with nectar-producing flowers that will attract butterflies, such as zinnias, purple cornflowers, black-eyed Susans, marigolds, etc. Then look at the height description of each plant on the back of the seed packet, and place taller plants in the back of the garden.

3. For window-box gardens, plant smaller varieties, such as verbena, alyssum, and impatiens.

4. When the flowers begin to bloom, sit near the plants with your child, and watch the butterflies arrive.

5. Get a picture book so you can identify the different varieties of butterflies that have come to visit your garden.

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