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Birdbath Spa

It's no wonder that children love to get outside and into the garden. So grab some sunscreen and a hat and start getting your kids' creativity in bloom.

Give your bird friends a treat by creating a backyard "bird spa."

1. To begin, use the clay bottom of a planter for the base of the bath.

2. Put a few rocks in the center so the birds have a place to rest.

3. Fill the planter with water.

4. Then dig a shallow hole in the ground, and place the birdbath directly in the earth, or set it on top of a garden table.

You can also create a smaller birdbath in a window box:

1. Fill a planter box with dirt, and put a shallow plastic container at one end. (This way the birds can perch on the edge of the window box while bathing.)

2. Buy small flowers, and plant them around the container.

3. Cut back the flowers whenever they block access to the bath.

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